Learning Through Play in Years 1 and 2

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The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Standard (NQS) advocate ‘Learning Through Play’ as one of the core pedagogical practices in early childhood classrooms, across Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2. However:

  • Does ‘play’ look the same in Years 1 and 2 as it might for younger students?
  • How can play (and playful learning) support children to meet the standards of the WA Curriculum in Years 1 and 2?

This workshop will make connections with the WA Curriculum whilst revising and extending upon ideas introduced in AISWA’s previous ‘EYLF for Years 1 and 2’ PLs and ‘Playing with the Australian Curriculum’ PLs (held over 2013-2016). It will cater both for those who have attended these previous PLs and for those who have not. The workshop will support educators to meet various elements of the National Quality Standard, particularly in Quality Area 1: Educational program and practice.

Taking an informal ‘action research’ approach, educators will be asked to trial personally-selected ideas from Day 1 in their own classroom during Term 3, and informally share their observations and findings after school in Term 4.

Specifically tailored to Year 1 and 2 contexts, areas of focus will include:

  • The importance of play
  • Definitions of play
  • Play vs playful learning, and connections with explicit instruction
  • Case studies and practical examples from Year 1 and 2 classrooms



Rebecca Duncan (AISWA Staff)

Early Childhood Consultant

Rebecca Duncan <span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Rebecca Duncan has been working in education since 1998. Along with teaching experience in each year level across Kindergarten to Year 4, her roles have included Coordinator of the Learning Development Centre at Christ Church Grammar Preparatory School as well as leadership in the integration of learning technologies. In 2004, Rebecca was the recipient of a National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA) for Western Australia, in recognition of her work in the promotion of early literacy practice at All Saints’ College.

Rebecca has been with AISWA since late 2010, when she was contracted to write a resource to support educators in their implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This project culminated in the publication of the acclaimed book, 'Early Years Learning Framework: In Action'. Ongoing employment as a consultant for AISWA followed, initially in the Curriculum, then Literacy teams, interspersed by the births of her three children. Rebecca now works for AISWA in a part-time capacity and thoroughly enjoys her role as a consultant within the early childhood team. She has lead numerous projects at AISWA, including initiatives to connect the Australian Curriculum and EYLF, one of which lead to AISWA’s publication of 'Playing with the Australian Curriculum' (2013). Her teacher resource, 'Journeys of Inquiry', was published in 2018, highlighting case studies of inquiry in early childhood. This has now been accompanied by a second volume of inspiring stories of inquiry pedagogies in 'Further Journeys of Inquiry', which was published by AISWA in 2020. Rebecca's latest publication for AISWA, 'Playful STEM: Using Blocks in Kindergarten to Year 2' is due for distribution in 2021. Inquiry pedagogies, early literacy and numeracy, learning through play, integrative approaches, responsiveness to children, learning technologies, and the Early Years Learning Framework represent a few of Rebecca’s areas of specialty.

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12 Oct 2017 Starts: 15:30 Finishes: 17:30

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