• Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ICT Skills and Integration
  • Literacy

HASS Week Conference 2019 (BOTH DAYS - Fri 2 and Sat 3 Aug)

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Starting on 2 Aug 2019
Cancellation permitted until 26/07/2019

Event registrations closed on 2/08/2019


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The HASS Week WA Steering Committee invites you to attend the 2019 HASS Week Conference, a 2-day Professional Learning event for all Humanities Educators.
You have chosen the Friday & Saturday (2 day) option.
The theme of this cross sectoral Conference is My Future My Voice with a focus on how young people can be empowered by their learning to be informed, active citizens. A variety of presentations,  will assist teachers in their implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum, pedagogical approaches, HASS inquiry skills, Literacy, Information Technology, Interdisciplinary methods of teaching HASS as well as considering interesting topics, issues and arguments.
Each day there will be concurrent sessions for all teachers (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary) presented by educators, writers and resource providers. We are expecting to see multi-media, interdisciplinary presentations, demonstrating critical thinking, innovation, collaboration and creative skills, also how literacy and arts integration enhances student engagement of HASS knowledge and understanding.
In addition to the conference program, a 'market place' of student displays and video presentations will bring 'Student Voice' to life! There will be workshops and presentations to engage and excite all P-10 teachers of all levels of experience, to showcase and celebrate the Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area.
Program - Click here.

HASS Week 2019 is Term 3 Week 3 (Aug 2-9) Check out the HASS Week WA website. Stay informed by joining the HASS Week Facebook group  and follow @HASSweek on TwitterJ

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Date / Time

Starts: 08:30
Finishes: 15:00


State Library Northbridge
25 Francis St 6000

Learning Area

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ICT Skills and Integration
  • Literacy

School Area

  • Early Childhood (PK - 2)
  • Middle Primary (3-6)
  • Secondary (7-10)

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