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Starting on 24 Feb 2020
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Delegates will participate in a very practical training workshop covering all aspects of the law, practice and ATO Rulings.


Latest Rules for 2020 FBT Year
Categories & Calculations of FBT for 2020 Year, Employers, Employees, Associates and Third Parties, GST and Gross-Up Factors for 2020 FBT Year, Packaging - Benefits, Tax, Contributions & GST, Employment Income Statement Reporting Rules for 2020, Rebateable Organisations, Hospitals, Charities and PBIs

Car and Non-Car Fringe Benefits/Exempt Vehicles
Difference Between Cars Exempt Cars and Non-Cars, Valuing Car Benefits: Statutory Formula and Operating Cost Methods, Work-Related Cars and Exemptions That Can Apply, Novated and other Motor Vehicle Leasing Arrangements, Otherwise Available Cars, Declarations, Log Books, Car Records, Other Records, Salary Packaging: Cost FBT GST Employee Contributions.

Payment & Reimbursement of Employee Expenses
Allowances, Payments, Reimbursements, 2020 c/km Rates, Otherwise Deductible and In-House Benefit Rules, Substantiation and Types of Declarations & Elections, Grossing Up, Tax Invoices, Credit Card Statements.

Meal and Other Types of Entertainment
Taxable Values: Actual, 50/50/50 Split, Log Books, Applying TR 97/17 to Specific Employer Circumstances, Rules for Entertainment On and Off Premises, Christmas Parties and the Minor Benefit Rule, GST Credits and 2020 Employment Income Statement Reporting, Special Rules for Income Tax Exempt Organisations.
Car Parking, Loan, Debt Waiver, LAFHA, Housing, Board, Property, Airline & Residual Benefits
Latest Car Parking Rates/Expense Payment Parking, Loan and Debt Waiver and Salary Overpayment Rules, Latest LAFHA and Relocation Rules and Rates, Latest Housing Indexes, Remote Housing and  Board, Property, Residual Benefits and Airline Transport.
Exclusions, Exemptions, Concessions & Reductions of FBT Taxable Values
Full List of Exempt Excluded and Concessional Benefits, New ATO Rulings on Exempt and Packaged Fringe Benefits, Best Fringe Benefits To Package in 2020, Reducing Taxable Values Otherwise Deductible and $1,000 Rules, Minor Benefit Application for 2020 FBT Year.


Dr Peter Klomp

Dr Klomp is a probably the most highly qualified and experienced person in this field. He holds four university degrees, is a practising barrister at the NSW Bar, a registered legal practitioner in three states, a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Taxation Adviser and a Chartered Company Secretary. Dr Klomp is a member of the NSW Bar Association; CA (Aust & NZ); Institute of Chartered Secretaries (Governance Australia) and the Tax Institute of Australia. Dr Klomp has had 40 years' experience in employment, business and taxation law in Australia and overseas, and is in constant demand to provide professional advice and speak at seminars and conferences. 


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Starts: 08:00
Finishes: 16:30


76 Birkdale Street
Floreat WA 6014

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AIM WA Leadership Centre ( Jason Industrial Room)

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