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Difficult conversations for front line staff

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Starting on 5 Nov 2018
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Difficult and Challenging Conversations are almost inevitable in the workplace and may present themselves in a number of formats, for example, customer service, discipline, grievance, personal issues, redundancy, interpersonal conflict and performance management. Knowing how to approach a difficult conversation will ensure staff are able to have challenging, yet important, conversations in a way that allows them to reach their goals and maintain good relationships with staff and other stakeholders.

How we deal with conflict is not often considered. In addition, tools for managing conflict so that differences might be transformed into opportunities are certainly not taught on a regular basis. This workshop will allow staff to consider the spectrum of conflict and dispute resolution approaches they might use to manage conflict in the workplace. It will also improve ability to handle difficult conversations and strengthen relationships, including the opportunity to improve effective communication skills.
Participants will practice applying the skills and methods learned through a variety of exercises (e.g. roleplay) and case studies.

Using a practical approach, the following course content is covered:

  • What is a difficult conversation?
  • Identifying our reactions under stress
  • Understanding others’ point of view
  • Understanding conflict, different types and sources
  • Understanding why conflict matters and the impact it has on productivity and relationships
  • Effective communication (i.e. active listening, nonverbal communication, managing stress, emotional awareness, assertiveness)
  • How and when to approach and initiate a difficult conversation
  • How to ask appropriate questions and frame conversations to move people from a problem saturated view to a Solution Focused view
  • Understanding personal preferences for managing conflict
  • Factors impacting on conflict resolution – gender, self-concept, expectations etc.
  • Managing emotions


Teesha Baines

Vital Conversations Medibio

Teesha is a psychologist and a Strategy and Performance Consultant at Vital Conversations. She has practical experience in psychometric assessment for selection, organisational development, and measurement in a variety of industries, across both the publicand private sectors. Teesha is particularly passionate about improving workplace diversity and wellbeing, and working from a positive psychology approach to assist individuals, teams, and organisations.

Teesha also works therapeutically with individuals, with particular interest in assisting clients in dealing with work-related issues, as well as anxiety and depression. Teesha utilises a range of intervention strategies including cognitive-behavioural, and mindfulness techniques. Teesha’s warm and empathic style allows her to connect with clients from all different backgrounds, and assist them in achieving positive mental health outcomes.


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Starts: 08:30
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76 Birkdale Street
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Auditorium Room - ( Leadership centre)

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