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Developing your Portfolio of Evidence for Full Registration

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Starting on 18 Apr 2018
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This practical workshop is aimed at Early Career Teachers in the first three years of their career who are required by their school to develop a portfolio of evidence to submit to fulfill the requirements of the TRBWA Full Registration process as you progress from Graduate to Proficient career stages.

The day will involve educators identifying their professional story and planning the evidence collection to support it.  AISWA consultants Sam Wynne and Nicola Davidson will support attendees in identifying their areas of strength in classroom knowledge and skills and to identify areas of their professional practice they need to strengthen to gain registration. 

Early Career Teachers are asked to bring working documents and a collection of artefacts that will support them in the development of their portfolio.  Please bring your laptops or devices to work on. 

We welcome all early career teachers including relief teachers who are working on moving from Graduate to Proficient and then Full Registration. 



Nicola Davidson(AISWA Staff)

Manager Of Leadership & Teaching Quality
Nicola Davidson<span>(AISWA Staff)</span>
Nicola is committed to the transformative possibilities of education. She has a keen interest in working with others to implement research and policy into practical processes and strategies. She has had 20 years experience in leadership positions with independent and government schools. She has worked in both school and policy settings where much of her work was about gaining consensus from diverse interest groups.  Nicola is keen to work with teachers and school leaders to translate their vision into practice and to help them link the work they currently do with the AITSL standards.

Samantha Wynne(AISWA Staff)

Early Childhood Consultant
Samantha Wynne<span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Samantha is an Early Years and School Leadership and Teacher Quality Consultant at AISWA.  She is a nationally certified Lead Teacher and brings with her over twenty five years practical experience in early years classrooms.  Sam is a passionate advocate for best practice and pedagogy in the early years and is committed to respecting children, childhood and families. She has held the roles of Lead Teacher and Curriculum Leader K-6 at Lance Holt School in Fremantle before commencing full time at AISWA in 2017. 

Sam attended the first AISWA Scotland Study Tour in 2012 which led to her involvement in the writing and editing of the AISWA Publication Nature Pedagogy (2015). As part of her role at AISWA she has presented on Nature Pedagogy and Principles and Practices of Early Childhood Pedagogy and offers school support to AISWA schools.  

Sam supports AISWA schools in National Quality Standards including the development and implementation of Quality Improvement Plans and Principal Audits. Sam co-ordinates the National Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers (AITSL) and the Graduate Teacher program for AISWA schools

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18 Apr 2018 Starts: 10:00 Finishes: 15:00

Delivery Format : In Person

AISWA Seminar Room (First Floor)

PL Hours : 5.00

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  • Leadership

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  • Preschool (PK-K)
  • Early Childhood (PK - 2)
  • Middle Primary (3-6)
  • Secondary (7-10)
  • Senior Secondary (11 - 12)
  • Pre-Primary
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