Communicating in a Crisis Workshop (for schools with 500+ students)

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  • Starting on 23 Jul 2024
  • Cancellation permitted until 16 Jul 2024
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Delivery Format : In Person

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The ability to manage crises effectively is critical for maintaining your school's reputation. While the operational response is crucial, equally as important is your ability to communicate clearly and effectively with your numerous key stakeholders. This includes parents, government agencies, the local community, and media as well as internal audiences such as teaching and administrative staff.

In this tailored half-day workshop designed for schools with 500+ students, we will cover the key principles behind responding to a crisis; complete a sense check of the communications components of your school’s Crisis Management Plan; and then turn our attention to making sure you understand and are well-positioned and resourced to communicate effectively during a crisis.

Who should attend?

This bespoke training and workshop session is invaluable for Principals and key senior members of their team who may be involved in communicating, including those individuals in senior communications roles, CFO’s, and senior HR staff.

Participant numbers are capped at 10 to optimise learning outcomes and allow for consideration of existing crises communications plans against a robustness and resilience checklist, with recommendations for improvement and next steps.

The workshop will cover:

•    The principles for handling Issues and Crisis, and the difference between them
•    The importance of a Crisis Management Plan and its key elements (so you know you’ve got one that will work)
•    The essential communications components of a Crisis Management Plan
•    Re-examining your current Plan – a robustness and resilience checklist including:
       o    Skills
       o    Resourcing
       o    Infrastructure / channels
•    How your communicators should function during a crisis
•    The Principal’s role 
•    The systems/processes you need to ensure success with:
       o    Parents / students
       o    Staff
       o    Government
       o    Media
•    What’s probably going to go wrong, and how to make sure it doesn’t
•    How to test your readiness through a crisis simulation
       o    Designing a realistic test


Anthony Hasluck

Anthony Hasluck

Issues and crisis management are among the areas of strategic advice provided by Anthony to Clarity Communication’s clients on a daily basis. As one of Western Australia’s most experienced corporate communicators Anthony provides high evel guidance to leadership teams and Boards of companies on how to best navigate the public issues that can impact or enhance their reputations.

As the co-founder of Clarity Communications, Anthony leads a team of 25 brand, design and communications specialists who comprise Western Australia’s leading communications consultancy, founded in 1999.

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Communicating in a Crisis Workshop

Date / Time

23 Jul 2024 Starts: 08:30 Finishes: 12:30

Delivery Format : In Person

AISWA Valerie Gould Room


Suite 2, 41 Walters Drive
Osborne Park WA 6017

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PL Hours : 4.00

Learning Area

  • Administration
  • Governance
  • Leadership

School Area

  • Leadership

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