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  • Starting on 24 Jul 2017
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The real benefits in designing and implementing iSTEM (integrated STEM) learning are the heightened levels of student thinking, collaboration and motivation.

A core part of this is bringing educators and leaders together to make this a feasible reality in school settings. Building upon the design-thinking processes and toolsets highlighted in the NoTosh workshop from 2016, this full-day program is designed to support teams of educators to identify and develop practical STEM activities within curriculum and to create the context for more effective collaborative input by staff.

Great learning requires great design. How staff and leadership use time, curriculum, resources and leverage individual skillsets will be analysed and optioned over the course of the day. It is recommended that educators participate in this workshop as a pair or team, and ideally come with key plans or elements of their curriculum as an authentic springboard for design and discussion.

Places in this workshop are limited to ensure strong conversations and depth.
Participants will –
  • Extend their capacity to implement iSTEM (integrated STEM) strategies
  • Build design-thinking processes and toolsets to identify and develop practical STEM activities within curriculum.
  • Develop the context for more effective collaborative input by staff  through the effective use of resources and skillsets


Hamish Curry

Hamish Curry
Hamish is a Senior Consultant based in NoTosh Australia's branch, working not just with schools, but bringing a renowned expertise to libraries and cultural institutions across Australia and overseas. His consultancy work uses the processes of design thinking to challenge and explore the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of various learning cultures and networks across a number of sectors. This includes work with Catholic Education Offices, State and School Library organisations, Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership and companies like QGC and Google. He has keynoted at a number of events including with Pearson, EduTech, Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria, and Do Lectures Australia.   


NoTosh is the no-nonsense learning company - learning is at its heart - challenging the status quo through research, prototyping and practice.
NoTosh operates both in the world of business and education, and cross-pollinate the creative lessons and processes from each. This is a powerful intersection that offers credibility and authenticity in their relationships with clients. This ambition is set in our name: “no tosh” is the Scots for no nonsense.
NoTosh works globally with a wide variety of organisations, learning institutions, many schools, and government agencies who are focused on designing better ways to learn through deep problem finding and creative problem solving. 

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Date / Time

24 Jul 2017 Starts: 09:00 Finishes: 15:30

Delivery Format : In Person

Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre

PL Hours : 6.30

Learning Area

  • STEM

School Area

  • Early Childhood (PK - 2)
  • Middle Primary (3-6)
  • Secondary (7-10)
  • Senior Secondary (11 - 12)

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