Bringing Hope and Action to Teaching and Learning - Purposeful Pedagogies Masterclass

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  • Starting on 14 Jun 2024
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Delivery Format : In Person

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Our Learning Areas such as Humanities, Science, Technologies, English and The Arts offer rich opportunities for real-world learning, but we can often be caught moving from one catastrophe to the next; from natural disasters to poverty, to conflict, to extinction, and so on. This teaching and learning can also impact the wellbeing of teachers, students and school leaders.  
How might we bring lenses of hope to these tough topics, and how can we take action on them in our schools?

AISWA are proud to bring Hamish Curry, General Manager of, to Perth for this very special, socially-purposeful Professional Learning event, as part of the Purposeful Pedagogies Masterclass series.

This hands-on workshop will guide educators through two new learning scaffolds - the Hope and Act Frameworks. These research-based resources are designed to support all teachers in navigating complex issues and providing approaches to help students understand different perspectives and work towards addressing big challenges.

Participants will collaborate on their chosen curriculum themes using a design thinking process and leave with plans and strategies they can implement straight away. By framing teaching and learning through a combination of mindset (Hope) and skillset (Act), teachers and students can develop better strategies and perspectives on the world around us.

This Workshop is ideal for teaching teams, middle leaders, and educators.

Additional Benefits
Furthermore, participants attending this workshop receive a 12-month subscription to Cool+, the premium platform for unique lessons, activities, slides, factsheets, videos, and a full library of Professional Learning Courses.

Workshop Outcomes:
1. Apply Research to Practice
- Synthesize current research findings into practical teaching strategies
- Implement evidence-based approaches to enhance classroom instruction

2. Develop Creative Approaches to Teaching and Learning
- Cultivate innovative teaching methods to engage and inspire students
- Foster a dynamic learning environment that encourages exploration and experimentation

3. Integrate New Resources with Existing Curriculum and Term Plans
- Seamlessly incorporate new educational resources into established curriculum frameworks
- Align supplementary materials with existing lesson plans to enhance learning outcomes

4. Support the Wellbeing and Metacognition of Students
- Implement strategies to promote student well-being and socio-emotional development
- Foster a supportive classroom environment that encourages self-reflection and self-awareness AISWA Proposal, Term 2 2024.



Maree Whiteley (AISWA Staff)

Teaching And Learning Consultant

Maree Whiteley <span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Maree Whiteley works with teachers and curriculum leaders to bring innovative and practical pedagogies into the classroom, through special projects and whole-school planning. Currently working as an AISWA Consultant in the Primary Teaching and Learning area, with specific expertise within the Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area, this gives Maree the perfect platform to go beyond the curriculum, exploring areas of global imperatives for our young people, such as ethical and humanitarian issues, critical thinking and cultural competence. Maree continues to enjoy sharing her experience, knowledge and expertise with others in workshops, conferences and in online forums.

Hamish Curry

Hamish Curry

Hamish has a 25-year background in leading education across schools, libraries, and education companies using design thinking and intercultural learning. He brings tenacity and creativity to his work, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in making education better. As GM at, he leads the development of new initiatives and refining existing processes to ensure educators get the resources they need to help people and our planet. Hamish would rather do all this while snowboarding.

Hamish has been a school teacher with stints in London, UK and Toyama, Japan. He also led the development of the Eltham College City Campus (Year 9 program). He grew significant school and public programs while Education Manager at the State Library of Victoria. As a Senior Consultant with NoTosh, he travelled the world for 4 years, helping schools and major companies design better learning. Hamish’s last role was as Executive Director of Asia Education Foundation with the University of Melbourne, where he shaped intercultural learning across Australia and 23 other nations in school partnerships and programs. He has also served on the Advisory Board for the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.


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Bringing Hope and Action to Teaching and Learning - Purposeful Pedagogies Masterclass

Date / Time

14 Jun 2024 Starts: 08:30 Finishes: 15:30

Delivery Format : In Person

AISWA Training Room Suite 1


Suite 1, 41 Walters Drive
Osborne Park WA 6017

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PL Hours : 7.00

Learning Area

  • Interdisciplinary

School Area

  • Middle Primary (3-6)
  • Secondary (7-10)
  • Leadership

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