Brightpath: Next Steps. Leading Innovative Teaching (SOUTH WEST)

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  • Starting on 24 Feb 2023
  • Cancellation permitted until 16 Feb 2023
  • Event registrations closed on 16 Feb 2023

Delivery Format : In Person

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This event is being hosted in Margaret River.

Your school needs to be using the Brightpath Narrative Ruler in order to gain maximum benefit from this course.


Brightpath: Next Steps creates the opportunity to nurture and develop students' writing skills through literature and a focus on language, storytelling, character, and the creative process. 

This PL gives school leaders and aspiring leaders the unique opportunity to work with fellow professionals to improve children and young peoples' writing and reading.

This Train the Trainer course provides all the resources to engage staff to use quality literature to invigorate, stimulate, and explicitly teach students to write engaging stories.

The action research aspect of the course allows you to demonstrate leading teaching and learning; developing self and others and leading improvement, innovation, and change.


All materials will be provided for you to easily conduct the sessions in your school.

Walk away with a package that includes:

  • 6 quality literature texts
  • 13 resource booklets
  • video interviews and copies of 3 case studies(which can easily be replicated at your school)
  • video interviews with leading Australian authors - Mark Greenwood and Frane Lessac
  • all slides, presenters' notes, and resources
  • access to ongoing support


Ron Gorman (AISWA Staff)

Deputy Director

Ron Gorman <span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Ron is Deputy Director of AISWA. He has extensive experience in teaching and leading a diversity of schools in WA and Victoria.  Ron manages innovative programmes and university partnerships for AISWA. He is a member of the Global Educators Leaders Partnership and has been awarded Fellow of Australian Council of Educational Leadership (WA). Ron is also past-Chair of the Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation, advocating for Australian authors and illustrators and working closely with the Australian Children’s Laureate.

Kerry Handley (AISWA Staff)

Literacy Consultant

Kerry Handley <span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Kerry Handley is a Literacy Consultant with many years of experience. She has worked in the WA education system as a classroom teacher, K-7 district coordinator and a consultant. Before joining AISWA, in 2012, Kerry was part of the team that reconceptualised and wrote the First Steps 2nd Edition resource and associated professional development. In this role she presented to educators around the world and spent four years living in the USA. She is one of the presenters of the Sharp Reading program and has a particular interest in assisting teachers in remote aboriginal schools.

Kerry has a Masters of Education, a Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies and a Diploma of Teaching. She is passionate about helping improve literacy outcomes for all students.

Penny McLoughlin

Penny McLoughlin

Penny loves reading and is passionate about using literature to enrich children’s lives. She has had the privilege of working in a variety of roles as an educator and consultant in Western Australian schools and institutions. She is currently an Associate Principal working part-time in a secondary school. Penny’s extensive experience in curriculum development for English and Literature; her teaching;  her work with teachers and school improvement; her love of reading and her experience as a Literacy consultant has informed the production of the Brightpath Next Steps materials.

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Brightpath Next Steps

Date / Time

24 Feb 2023 Starts: 09:00 Finishes: 15:00

Delivery Format : In Person

Margaret River Independent School


10890 Bussell Highway, Forest Grove WA 6286

PL Hours : 6.00

Learning Area

  • English

School Area

  • Early Childhood (PK - 2)
  • Middle Primary (3-6)
  • Secondary (7-10)
  • Leadership