AISWA's Behaviour Engagement Project - Cohort 3 (2024)

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  • Starting from 22 Feb 2024 till 17 Jun 2024
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Do you have a desire to help children achieve to their fullest potential?
Are the educators in your team noticing an increased number of children who are dysregulated, displaying challenging behaviours in their classrooms?
Do you strive to have consistency as a team in your approach to behaviour guidance with specific focus on Relational Pedagogy and Restorative Practice?
Are you striving to use behavioural strategies that meet the National Quality Standard?
AISWA’s Behaviour Engagement project aims to support schools in finding answers to these questions and more. Facilitated by Deb Martin, in collaboration with AISWA Psychologists and AISWA Early Childhood Consultants, this year long project will assist schools in developing a behaviour guidance/engagement/education policy and support educators in embedding relational pedagogy across the PK-2 setting and beyond. 

Following the highly successful Behaviour Engagement Project in 2022 and 2023 with fourteen WA schools, we are taking through another cohort of schools. This project will involve critically reflecting on the effectiveness of your current Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures and/or want to ensure your current classroom practice aligns with your Behaviour Policies and Procedures. The project aims to develop how educators can support children to self-regulate through the act of co-regulation, build and maintain respectful and responsive child–educator relationships and ensure the dignity and rights of every child are maintained. Featuring strategies such as co-regulation, responsive guidance, narrative therapy, time in, intrinsic motivation and restorative practice, this project will improve behaviour in children, improve academic outcomes, improve relationships with children and improve the reputation of your school.

Who: 7-8 schools will commit to the following.

What your school will receive:
1.  1 (one) after school Online meeting during Term 1
2.  1 (one) online workshop during Term 2 to work through at your own pace
3.  2 (two) Professional Learning days at AISWA during Terms 2 and 3 for:
             o 1 (one) Leader (Head of Early Learning, Deputy Principal or Head of Primary), 
             o 1 (one) Classroom Teacher, and 
             o 1 (one) Education Assistant.

4. $1000 per school for Teacher Relief (teacher relief will be paid upon completion of Day 2). Schools who have children who are vulnerable, or disadvantaged may apply in writing for additional funding through AISWA.
5. Each school to have 2 (two) half day site visits during Terms 3 and 4, for EC Consultant to model and coach educators.
6. 2 (two) facilitated dialogues for the Early Childhood staff during Terms 3 and 4 (staff meetings – 1 per term) for 45 minutes - on the same day as one site visit, scheduled for the afternoon session to facilitate the draft of a new “Behaviour Engagement” Policy.
7. For the EC team at each school to collaborate in writing a new “Behaviour Engagement” Policy for their school (specific to Early Childhood) to meet the context of their school and the needs of the children in their care.
8. Hear from outstanding classroom practitioners and leaders who are currently using relational pedagogy and restorative practice strategies in their classrooms.

Early Childhood Leaders will establish and lead a Professional Learning Team with their Early Childhood Team (PK-2), meeting twice a term (once led by your EC leader and the other facilitated by AISWA EC Consultant). This project can be used for your 2024 Quality Improvement Plan focusing on Quality Area 5.

Usually, this project would cost $2900 but will be fully funded by AISWA. 


Deb Martin

Deb Martin

Deb Martin has been an Early Childhood Consultant with AISWA for 7 years and has been working in Early Childhood classrooms since 2006. She has recently taken a new position as the Dean of Teaching and Learning (Primary) at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. Her area of expertise and school support is in the area of high quality play based pedagogies, guiding young children's behaviours, Early Childhood literacy and the On-entry assessment. Her work also includes supporting leaders and in particular, their educators, in pedagogical change and embedding evidence based appropriate pedagogies including play-based and inquiry pedagogies and Reggio Emilia inspired practice. Other areas Deb specialises in include; helping educators gain a deep understanding about the ever changing neuroscience and recent research related to young children and how this can be translated into high quality classroom practice, looking at the high quality interactions between children and their educators including sustained shared thinking. Due to Deb’s recent experience in the classroom, her practical experiences and rich stories help educators see the possibilities of high quality practice, including a guidance approach to managing behaviour and supporting self-regulation.

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AISWA's Behaviour Engagement Project - Cohort 3 (2024)

Date / Time

22 Feb 2024 Starts: 15:30 Finishes: 17:00

Delivery Format : Webinar

Webinar - Online Only

PL Hours : 1.50

AISWA's Behaviour Engagement Project - Cohort 3 (2024)

Date / Time

20 Mar 2024 Starts: 08:30 Finishes: 15:30

Delivery Format : In Person

AISWA Training Room Suite 1

PL Hours : 6.50

AISWA's Behaviour Engagement Project - Cohort 3 (2024)

Date / Time

17 Jun 2024 Starts: 08:30 Finishes: 15:30

Delivery Format : In Person

AISWA Valerie Gould Room

PL Hours : 6.50

Learning Area

  • Early Childhood

School Area

  • Preschool (PK-K)
  • Early Childhood (PK - 2)
  • Leadership

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