Instructional Coaching Lab - 2024

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  • Starting on 12 Feb 2024
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  • Event registrations closed on 05 Feb 2024

Delivery Format : Webinar

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Sometimes, in the busyness of school life, it can be hard to carve out time for reflection and the practicing of coaching skills.  The 2024 Instructional Coaching Lab is an online forum comprising three 35-minute sessions each term, for practicing coaches, beginning coaches, or existing coaches seeking a refresher and the opportunity to tap into a professional network.


Led by practicing coaches, the 2024 Instructional Coaching Lab will be facilitated by Dr Mark Dowley (Director of the Crowther Centre) and Raelene Plozza (Head of Instructional Coaching), from Brighton Grammar School. They will facilitate short, highly practical sessions, designed to increase the quality of coaching conversations. For each session, participants will be able to select from a range of times and join the one that best suits their circumstances.


Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in an immersive coaching experience at a local school in WA in early Term 2.


The Coaching Lab provides a structured space for coaches to engage with Mark and Raelene to

  • practice key coaching skills and grow their repertoire
  • discuss solutions to common coaching challenges
  • connect with other practicing coaches from across Independent schools in Australia.


In the first week of February, participants will be emailed and invited to choose the dates and times for the session they would like to attend, and will receive a link to join their session of choice.

Week 1 (choose one of the following dates and times in AWST)

Monday 12 Feb 4pm

Tuesday 13 Feb 1:15 pm

Wednesday 14 Feb 10am

  • How to motivate people to seek coaching
  • The first coaching conversation

Week 2 (choose one of the following dates and times in AWST)

Monday 26 Feb 4pm

Tuesday 27 Feb 1:15 pm

Wednesday 28 Feb 10am

  • Setting a student focussed goal
  • Identifying a strategy

Week 3 (choose one of the following dates and times AWST)

Monday 11 Mar 4pm

Tuesday 12 Mar 1:15 pm

Wednesday 13 Mar 10am

  • Deliberate practice in teaching
  • Moving towards mastery




Mark Dowley

Mark Dowley

Dr. Mark Dowley is the Associate Head – Staff Development and Instruction at the Crowther Centre. He completed his Doctor of Education Masters in Education Policy (International) at the University of Melbourne. His role at Brighton Grammar is to drive school improvement, with a specific focus on improving the quality of instruction in the school. A certified Instructional Coach with the Instructional Coaching Group (USA), he has consulted on staff development to schools in Australia and overseas. Through his research role in the Crowther Centre, he explores how research can be used to build capacity in an organisation and improve outcomes for students and staff. He also facilitates an Instructional Coaching Network and he has recently been appointed an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Education at La Trobe University.

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Instructional Coaching Lab - 2024 - Session 1

Date / Time

12 Feb 2024 Starts: 04:00 Finishes: 17:30

Delivery Format : Webinar

Webinar - Online Only

PL Hours : 2.00

Learning Area

  • Leadership

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  • Leadership

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