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2017 Curriculum Forum: Primary

PL # 11302
Starting on 2 Jun 2017
Cancellation permitted until 18 May 2017

Event registrations closed on 14 May 2017

Delivery Format :

Event registration is Closed


Workshop participants will:

  • Clarify the demands of the new Humanities and Social Sciences and Health and Physical Education curriculum content
  • Explore new and creative ways to deliver this content and assess student understanding
  • Employ strategies for developing authentic assessment tasks and meaningful marking keys
  • Return to their school with a process for leading the development of teaching, learning and assessment programs.

Participants selecting the English, Maths or Science workshop will also:

  • Have the recent requirements to English, Maths and Science assessment support materials clarified and explained.
  • Engage in a moderation process using these materials.
  • Identify enhancements they can make to their assessment practice.

When completing your registration for this event you will need to select which workshops you would like to participate in for the day.
Could you please write in the ‘Special Requirements’ box located on the second page of the registration process your session preferences from 1 - 3 (1 being the workshop you want to attend the most, and 3 being the workshop you want to attend least) as well as any dietary requirements.

Please see the below example

i.e. Session 1: HASS or HPE

  1. HPE
  2. HASS

      Session 2: English, Mathematics or Science

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. English

Or you can email your selections to Ana Randall - arandall@ais.wa.edu.au 

If you do not select your workshops you will be placed at random.


Claire Sly(AISWA Staff)

Business Manager
Claire Sly<span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Claire joined AISWA in April 2015. She has worked in education over the past 18 years in both primary and secondary schools, predominantly as a science and maths teacher. Since moving to Western Australian in 2010, she has worked in both the Catholic and Independent sector, most recently at a large Independent school as Head of Learning Enrichment. Claire has a First-class honours degree in Chemistry, a Master of Education, specialising in special educational needs and she is currently undertaking a Doctor of Education at UWA, focusing on pedagogy and curriculum. 

Terms & Conditions

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Event Segment

Date / Time

2 Jun 2017 Starts: 08:00 Finishes: 15:15

Delivery Format : In Person

Esplanade Hotel (The) - Fremantle

PL Hours : 6.50

Learning Area

  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Science

School Area

  • Middle Primary (3-6)

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