Sharp Reading: Struggling Older Readers (SOR) and SevenPlus

Learning Area

For students who are 2 years + below their chronological age OR are starting to slip behind (students require a reading age of 7+ to access this program)

Part One: "SevenPlus" - An 8-10 week intervention
The starting point is SevenPlus, an Intervention carefully designed to address the needs of readers who are stuck at around a reading age of seven, or who are progressing but only slowly. Decoding strategies, fluency and vocabulary are all attended to in a routine that ensures success and the rebuilding of confidence.

Part Two: Transitioning from intervention back into classroom guided reading
The success or failure of any intervention is usually determined by what happens next. A modified SharpReading Stage 2 routine which helps transition learners back into a more mainstreamed guided reading routine is provided. This ensures that the newly found confidence and enthusiasm for reading is maintained and prepares students for Stage 3 - Comprehension Strategy Instruction.


  • SevenPlus Teacher’s manual
  • Especially formatted Storybytes and Infobytes
  • Access video clips of the routine so that you can go back and review.

Target Audience: 

Primary and lower secondary teachers, literacy support teachers, teacher assistants, literacy leaders