The Bulletin 16 August 2018 Term 3 - Issue 6

Thursday, 16 August, 2018

AISWA Professional Learning and other educational events, news and information

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DateEvent TitleCode
Aug 21 2018
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction - Strathalbyn Christian College
  • Literacy
  • Part 1 21st Aug 2018
  • Part 2 11th Sep 2018
Aug 22 2018
Sharp Reading Comprehension Strategy Instruction -Strathalbyn Christian College
  • Literacy
  • Part 1 22nd Aug 2018
  • Part 2 12th Sep 2018
Aug 29 2018
Accessibility & Inclusive Curriculum Design Using Microsoft Tools in the Classroom
  • ICT Skills and Integration
  • Inclusive Education
  • Technologies
Sep 5 2018
Sharp Reading: ADVANCED Comprehension (Prerequisite: Comprehension Strategy Instruction)
  • Literacy
Sep 7 2018
Sharp Reading: Struggling Older Readers
  • Literacy
Sep 10 2018
Office 365: OneNote Class Notebook & Teams
  • ICT Skills and Integration
Oct 3 2018
Sharp Reading Comprehension Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Oct 4 2018
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Oct 24 2018
Curriculum Masterclass: Capabilities - why they matter, how to embed them and how to assess them
  • Leadership
Nov 7 2018
Difficult conversations for front line staff
  • Administration

UNAAWA Global Citizenship Programs and Awards

Our network of primary and secondary schools is growing. Theattached poster outlines some upcoming dates you may be interested in adding to your diary.

Understanding Dyslexia and Strategies for the Classroom | Monday, 15 October 2018

Students with Dyslexia are capable of succeeding but are often frustrated in the classroom. This professional learning will provide an overview of Dyslexia and how it impacts upon students, as well as offering strategies for teachers to cater to the needs of these students in the classroom. For more information, please click Here

ACTA Conference 2018 | English Language Learning in a Mobile World 

The next ACTA International Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia from 2 – 5 October 2018. Driving attention to the reality of local and global mobility for TESOL learners and educators, this conference will contribute to the ongoing examination of the theories and practices underpinning the TESOL field, and will project into future directions, whether as policy, pedagogy, materials design, assessment or community involvement. For more information, please click Here

Claire Warden - Nature Pedagogy Workshop | Christ Church Grammar School Chapel | Friday, 7 September 2018

Nature Pedagogy is an understanding of our sense of belonging to land, our sense of working with nature. Join Claire for an evening to explore the underlying philosophy of our way of learning with nature. For more information please Here