Transforming Transitions

Transforming Transitions Report Cover PageAISWA-ECU Partnership Project

This resource outlines why transitions are important, considers transitions through a funds of knowledge and identity lens, and describes each school’s journey as they re-imagined transitions in this project.

This project saw ten Western Australian Independent Schools embrace a way of viewing children and their family’s transition to school. The entry point to school in the participating schools included pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.
Participating teachers came together as a community of practice and engaged in different ways of thinking and investigating accepted practice. Transition practices were affirmed or challenged as teachers were mentored through design-based thinking.
Transition ideas were explored focussing on children’s funds of knowledge and identity. Importantly, each school’s story describes their journey. Finally, the ideas and strategies that supported the adoption of new practices, in relation to affirming a child-centred approach to transition are described.

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