Little Scientists Program

Promoting engagement with Science Technology Engineering and Maths experiences for Children 3-6 years old.

AISWA is a local network partner of The Little Scientists Initiative. Little Scientist Australia is supported through the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda. 

Early childhood is the most intense period of learning in a lifelong learning process. Young children are natural scientists as they question, inquire, hypothesise, explore, investigate and theorise. The Little Scientist program introduces young children to the scientific inquiry process and encourages educators to provide scientific investigations on a daily bases. 

Through hands-on activities children build up a collection of experiences that support their emerging theories about how the world works. These core experiences become the building blocks of future STEM curriculum in the primary years.

The Little Scientist Program supports teachers through a series of Professional Learning. All teachers and educators that are ‘new’ to the ‘Little Scientists’ program start with the Experimenting with Water workshop, followed by the Experimenting with Air workshop approximately 6 months later.

Once teachers have completed these two workshop topics and have started implementing the program with the children in their centre, they can participate in further modules.

Module 1 - Water

Module 2 - Air

Module 3 - Light, colour and vision

Module 4 - Engineering

Future modules planned include:

  • Experimenting with Carbon Dioxide
  • Discovering Mathematics in Space and Form
  • Experimenting with Sound and Tone
  • Experimenting with Light, Colours and Vision
  • Experimenting with Electricity and Energy
  • Experimenting with Water in the Natural World and Technology
  • Building and Constructing
  • Experimenting with Magnets

Looking for Little Scientist Professional Learning events?

Details of upcoming training Little Scientists workshops can be found via AISWA's Professional Learning calendar.

Little Scientist Daisy
Little Scientist Mitchell
Little Scientist Sabine