Montessori Teacher - Term 1 2020


 Montessori Primary Teacher ContextBlue Gum Montessori School (BGMS) is an independent school offering curriculum based on the Montessori philosophy for students from Lower to Upper Primary. The school is an equal opportunity employer and makes decisions relating to staff in a consultative and inclusive manner. Position ObjectiveThis is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the growth of an amazing learning environment. We are looking for a teacher that will bring their inspiration and passion to the role as a Montessori trained Primary Teacher from 6-12 Years.  PurposeTo deliver a Montessori primary education program which complies with relevant regulations, quality standards and codes of practice.  Work closely with Blue Gum Montessori staff and parents and collaborate with other service providers and the community to maximise outcomes for children. Key responsibilities and duties – to be read in conjunction with The School Code of Conduct, Staff Handbook and all School Policies. 

  1. Professional practice


  1. Operate the program in accordance with the vision and mission statement and philosophy of Blue Gum Montessori School.


  1. Uphold the values of the School, the Code of Ethics and responsibilities under children protection legislation and protocols, the impacts of abuse and protective interventions on the care and education of children. School Code of Conduct, Staff Handbook


  1. Engage in professional development education to continually maintain/develop professional knowledge and skills.


  1. Program development and delivery


  1. Plan and deliver a quality Montessori program that reflects the principles, practices and learning outcomes described in the School papers – The Montessori Method of Education, Montessori Identity and School Curriculum, inclusive of the National and WA standards and NAPLAN.

The program will be inclusive. The teacher will:

  • Ensure inviting and safe environments, indoors and outdoors;
  • Utilise the emergent strengths and interests of participating children and contributions of families;
  • Assess the progress of each child toward development and learning outcomes;
  • Plan specific interaction and learning experiences for individuals and groups of children.
  • Implement ePortfolio to demonstrate student learning according to the WA S/B


  1. Have worked in a Middle Primary environment and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges of teaching this age group and how to develop strategies which both extend gifted students and support children with learning difficulties.


  1. Demonstrate collaborative, effective and reflective practice. Such competencies are considered to be crucial ‘practice principles for learning and development’ of both the children and the teacher.


  1. Establish and maintain records for individual and collective children, which:


  • Reflect a holistic approach to children’s learning and development and capture key observations and interactions with children
  • Create a record of children’s learning through visual and written documentation, for use in program planning and the preparation of reports for parents in Semesters 1 and 2 of each year
  • Contribute to evaluation of program plans and teaching practice.


  1. Incorporate the Keep Child Safe: Child Protection Curriculum and follow mandatory reporting legislation.


  1. Be able to coordinate the electronic collection of academic data and supervise annual formalised testing including NAPLAN.


  1. Utilise the skills and knowledge of other educators and professionals, within the School and outside, to improve the effectiveness of the program and class environment, and improve outcomes for children and families.


  1. Collaborate with parents to refer children to appropriate professional practitioners or agencies when the need for further assessment or support is considered necessary.


  1. Documentation and communication with families


  1. Communicate with others in a respectful and friendly manner, modelling appropriate interactions between staff, staff/children and staff/families.


  1. Respect the rights of others to confidentiality and privacy, remaining aware of responsibilities under relevant privacy legislation.


  1. Ensure communication is effective with all families. Where a child has English as a second language, work with the family and School staff to encourage these children to utilise and maintain their first language, while English is acquired at the individual child’s pace.


  1. Maintain written information and program plans in accord with requirements of the School.


  1. Make use of written records to support meaningful communication with children and their families; providing information to parents about the educational program, the School philosophy and operations.


  1. Collaboration with families and community


  1. Create an atmosphere which is welcoming to all families


  1. Recognise the impact of cultural and linguistic background, family and social experiences on a child. Use this knowledge to ensure inclusive practices and programming.


  1. Provide families with relevant information about other services and resources they are seeking or may benefit them and respond in a helpful manner to families who seek advice.


  1. Create opportunities for open communication between educators and families:
  • Share information with parents about their own child’s learning and development in context of the program;
  • Invite parental input to the program and the school, providing options for participation which considers individual family’s needs and backgrounds;
  • Address concerns raised by parents and negotiate positive outcomes;
  • Actively assist families with additional needs to access relevant services.


  1. Participate in, or lead, transition to other School program/s and provide each family with support and information on these programs.


  1. Advocate the value of the Montessori Method of Education, promote the School’s service and share knowledge of how young children develop and learn, with enrolled families, other agencies or the wider community, as directed by the Principal.


  1. Attend and contribute to parent meetings for the School, as directed by the Curriculum Coordinator and Principal.


  1. Attend and participate in graduating student dinners.


  1. Attend and participate in parent information evenings and parent education series.


  1. Participate in local education childhood networks as agreed with the Principal.


  1. Leadership, staff management, support and teamwork


  1. Foster a supportive working environment in which relationships can function and develop effectively, reinforcing Blue Bum Montessori School’s workplace values.


  1. Recognise the benefit of a team approach for improving outcomes for children:
  2. Ensure regular opportunities for information sharing and planning,
  3. Involve colleagues in decision making;
  • Accept and share responsibility for a collaborative approach and provide opportunities for open and reflective evaluation of teamwork;
  • Celebrate cooperation and innovation.


  1. Develop the capacity of staff under your supervision as early childhood educators:
  • Monitor performance and regularly provide constructive feedback;
  • Model desired practices;
  • Undertake their formal appraisal in accordance with the School’s processes;
  • Work on strategies to encourage their development and extending their range of duties, including involvement in program planning and documentation.


  1. Supervise and support students and volunteers.


  1. Interested in developing leadership skills.


  1. Reporting and communicating with the Principal


  1. Regular use and monitoring of safe electronic communications, in accord with Blue

Gum Montessori School ICT policies. 

  1. Share information and submit reports to the, Curriculum Coordinator and Principal and funding bodies as directed by the Principal/Delegate.


  1. Participate in meetings with staff and other educators in professional development sessions as directed by the Principal/Delegate.


  1. Ensure the Blue Gum Montessori School’s Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Policy and Emergency Planning and Response Procedures are followed. In particular, ensure compliance by all staff to safe manual handling practises, processes for hazard identification and incident reporting.


  1. Participate on School Communities as part of school projects.


  1. Contribute to service development and improvement:
  • Work collaboratively and constructively with the Principal and the staff for the purpose of service development and improvements;
  • Consider policy changes and strategic plans directly impacting on delivery of the School’s service;
  • Review administrative systems or current skills, taking steps to improve their effectiveness;
  • Contribute to a positive risk management culture by complying with the Risk Management Policy, assisting with implementation of relevant risk management strategies, reporting risks, management concerns and making suggestions for improvement to the Principal.


  1. Perform other duties as directed or as negotiated with the Principal.


  • Full time, Monday to Friday, between 8am and 3.30pm.  The successful applicant will also be expected to attend weekly staff meetings and PDs after School and some evening school functions each term.
  • Commencement Term 1, 2020.


  • Teaching qualification, and current Full, TRBWA registration.
  • Montessori teaching qualification (MEWI or AMI)
  • Current WCC (Working With Children Check)
  • Be conversant with the Montessori National Curriculum and the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.
  • Demonstrate the National Professional Standards for Teachers.
  • Exceptional IT, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Current certification in First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma.
  • Mandatory Reporting training completed within the last 24 months at date of employment.

 Closing date, 17 July 2019. Interviewing for this position as applications are received. Blue Gum Montessori School takes child protection seriously. All candidates for roles at Blue Gum Montessori School are subject to screen and assessment against child safety standards as part of our thorough recruitment process. Only those applicants who possess the relevant qualifications and experience may progress further in the selection process. 

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Closing Date: 
Wednesday, 17 July, 2019 - 16:15
Contact Person: 
Claire Cubis-Edwards
08 9417 4060