PART Course (Predict, Assess and Respond To Aggressive/Challenging Behaviours)

Learning Area

The course covers skills including crisis communication, evasion, releases from holds and safe restraints, as well as examining the legal ramifications of any aggressive interaction, preparation and planning to avoid aggressive incidents and debriefing after a crisis. It is suitable for staff who manage students with challenging/aggressive behaviour, including students with special needs. It is based on the premise that employees who have developed a systematic approach to predicting, understanding and managing aggressive or assaultive behaviour are less likely to injure or be injured than those who have not, and will be more able to confidently defuse or contain aggression. Who should attend: A team of at least 2 staff, who will become the school’s primary support group when developing policy and working with community members whose behaviour may be aggressive. This may include: Principal (especially in a small school) Assistant/Deputy Principal Year Coordinators (secondary schools) Staff who work closely with students whose behaviour is unpredictable and potentially explosive Others who would be instrumental in developing and carrying out policy/responses to emergency situations. It is important that at least one of these is part of the school’s Administration team.