The Bulletin 11 April 2019 Term 1 - Issue 11

Thursday, 11 April, 2019

AISWA Professional Learning and other educational events, news and information

Latest AISWA News: 
Featured AISWA Professional Learning: 
DateEvent TitleCode
Apr 17 2019
HALT Certification Portfolio Development Session
  • Leadership
Apr 24 2019
Programming and Assessment with the WA Curriculum, English
  • English
May 1 2019
Sharp Reading: ADVANCED Comprehension (Prerequisite: Comprehension Strategy Instruction Stage 3)
  • Literacy
May 3 2019
Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum
  • Inclusive Education
May 3 2019
Staff Code of Conduct
  • Inclusive Education
May 6 2019
Secondary English Networking Day (English and Literature ATAR)
  • English
May 8 2019
Mental Health First Aid for Non Suicidal Self-Injury
  • Psychology and Wellbeing
May 14 2019
Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training
  • Psychology and Wellbeing
  • Part 1 14th May 2019
  • Part 2 15th May 2019
May 14 2019
Youth Mental Health First Aid Refresher
  • Psychology and Wellbeing
May 17 2019
Drama Network Day
  • The Arts
May 21 2019
Women in Educational Leadership Network Meeting
  • Leadership
May 23 2019
Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Psychology and Wellbeing
  • Part 1 23rd May 2019
  • Part 2 30th May 2019
May 24 2019
Dance Network Day
  • The Arts
May 27 2019
AISWA HoD Maths Network Meeting - TERM 2
  • Mathematics
Jun 10 2019
Hard Conversations Unpacked
  • Leadership
Jun 11 2019
Being Generationally Savvy: Working Effectively with all Generations
  • Leadership
Jun 12 2019
Swimming in the Deep End - What Does It Take?
  • Leadership
Jun 19 2019
IE Networking Session: Gifted Focus - Free Session
  • Inclusive Education
Jun 24 2019
Taxation and Payroll Seminar
  • Administration
Aug 3 2019
The Aspiring Women Leaders Conference 2019
  • Leadership

AISWA/RTG Partnership Announcement

With connected technology now being used in the majority of classrooms, it’s critical for schools to increase their understanding about keeping student data safe, including clear insight into what data is being collected, stored and shared by edtech vendors, and what those companies might make of that data.
With this in mind, AISWA is delighted to announce an agreement with RTG for the provision of their Digital Privacy, Safety and Security (DPSS) professional learning packages and the BrightBytes DPSS module for AISWA schools at a specially discounted price.
The AISWA\RTG agreement offers a partnership pricing model to AISWA schools that purchase the BrightBytes DPSS module and RTG professional learning packages. The RTG professional learning packages can be a combination of face to face and online support aimed at enabling schools tailor their DPSS support needs such as, review of policy and practice, stakeholder surveys, data collection, development of action plans and associated professional learning requirements.
AISWA members can read more about the agreement via the BrightBytes/RTG webpage on the AISWA website, located in the member portal resources.

State-wide snapshot of young people’s wellbeing

School students from across WA will be asked to share their views on health, safety and wellbeing in WA’s first Speaking Out Survey over the next few months. A random sample of students from Years 4 to 12 from approximately 150 schools across the state will share their views on safety, physical and mental health, engagement in education, connection to community, experiences of poverty and how they access sources of support. Commissioner for Children and Young People Colin Pettit will report on findings next year. 
For more information please click Here

Accessing AEDC DATA

The community results from the Australian Early Development Census collection are  now available.  The AEDC data collection provides dynamic maps and tabular data that can be viewed and downloaded at, 
which is a huge bonus for a school wanting to explore their community and an impact they may wish to foster. The AEDC results can support communities to understand the degree and concentration of developmental vulnerability within their community. Communities can use their AEDC results in a place-based approach to engage and collaborate with local early year’s service providers. All schools are encouraged to explore the information and contact Early Childhood, AISWA (Wendy Gorman or Barbara Bosich) for assistance in the interpretation and potential use of the data.
Principals  were sent information in late March regarding how to access to their 2018 AEDC School Profile.  Alternatively, you  can contact the  AEDC Help Desk
or the AEDC Coordinator in Western Australia,

Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators (December 2019 - January 2020) scholarship program now open |  The closing date for applications is COB Friday 21 June 2019.

The objective of the Gandel Holocaust Studies Program is to form an active and organized network of Australian educators committed to teaching about the Holocaust and its universal implications, using an interdisciplinary and age-appropriate approach. They are seeking applications from active and qualified secondary school teachers for the 2019-2020 intake. This is a fully funded graduate program and teachers of any subject or discipline can apply as long as they are teaching or intend teaching the subject of the Holocaust. The intensive 18 day program in Israel will run from 29 December 2019  – 15 January 2020. Late applications will not be accepted.
For further information, or to apply, please click  Here 

Resources Technology Showcase 2019 | Expression Of Interest

On November 27 and 28, Seven West Media will host the Resources Technology Showcase 2019 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. This will include interactive displays of the technology driving the sector and will change the public perception that mining and oil and gas is about red dust, hi-vis and FIFO. 
The showcase of robotics programs, augmented-reality projects and autonomous-haulage initiatives will transform PCEC into a technology hub which will be visited by thousands of school students, university undergraduates and members of the public.
The West is inviting schools to participate and they can assist in facilitating an excursion.
For more information please click Here