Boarding School Life


How to prepare for school

In order to submit the application, the student should have ready:

  • Student’s Birth Certificate

  • Student’s dental and hearing records

  • Student’s immunisation records

  • School reports / NAPLAN results

  • Proof of Aboriginality letter

  • Any religious ceremony records

  • Student’s awards

  • Any relevant court documents


Before the student leaves home to attend Boarding school, they should have:

  • Medicare Card for them individually

    • There is a form specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that can be found here

  • Tax File Number (TFN)

    • There is a form specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that can be ordered online here by searching the form number: NAT1589-07.2016

    • The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander form can also be ordered over the phone by calling the ATO on 13 10 30 for the Aboriginal Hotline and asking for the form numberNAT1589-07.2016

    • A TFN is required by ABSTUDY once a student turns 16 or they will no longer receive the payments

  • Bank/EFTPOS Card for them and pocket money

  • Guardian in Perth in case of an emergency


Choosing a boarding school

It is very important when choosing a boarding school to keep the needs and personality of the child in mind. Not every school is right for every student, and not every student is right for every school.

It is best to start making enquiries when the child is in Year 5, in order to get on waiting lists and have time to explore the options. It is also a good idea to apply at more than one school to keep options open.

Future Footprints supports 17 schools, of which 16 currently have Boarding options. These are not the only options, there are other schools with Boarding in Perth and in Regional areas. You can find AISWA schools that have boarding in the Search for a School function.

Scholarships are available for eligible students. These can come from the School itself, a third-party provider, or from some Land Councils and Trusts. Some scholarship providers will only award a scholarship once a student has been accepted by the school.


Parents Networking Group

Future Footprints has a Facebook group for parents of current students where we can share support and resources. Find our group here