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Aiswa Targeted Programs
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The AISWA/TP area provides the avenue for all Non-Catholic Independent Schools in Western Australia, to access Commonwealth funds from the targeted area. All staff in the TP area are available to provide support and advice on the development, implementation and monitoring of various program areas.

In addition to specific program objectives, AISWA TP endeavours to:

  • Assist independent schools to access Commonwealth funding where eligible and appropriate, to encourage and enhance more effective educational outcomes in the relevant targeted program area.
  • Assist independent schools, to achieve effective educational and appropriate financial outcomes for grant monies received.
  • Establish ongoing consultative mechanisms with schools and interested parties, to support the outcomes within each targeted program area.
  • Maintain liaison with other educational sectors, tertiary institutions and professional organisations, where appropriate, to enhance the development, delivery and ongoing effectiveness of individual targeted program areas.
  • Provide professional development and program support to individual schools and targeted program areas, where appropriate, given the determining factors of need and funding availability.
  • Assist independent schools to focus directly on the educational needs of students, to enhance their learning outcomes and their pursuit of lifelong learning and understanding.

These objectives are in addition to the Agreed National Goals for Schooling in Australia. The Commonwealth supports and promotes the following priorities and objectives for schooling, as listed in their Administration Guidelines for 2001 - 2004:

  • To improve the literacy and numeracy skills of all young Australians.
  • Improved learning outcomes across the whole of schooling, including the early and middle years.
  • The enhancement of teacher and Principal development and professionalism.
  • Continued support for educationally disadvantaged students (access to, participation in).
  • Acceleration in the improvement of educational outcomes of schooling for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders students.
  • The right of parents to choose the educational environment for their children.
  • Young people leaving school should be equipped to participate effectively in a technologically skilled work force.
  • An increased focus on civics and citizenship education.
  • Growth and excellence in the learning of languages other than English.
  • Maintenance of relevant languages among students non-English speaking background.

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The National School Chaplaincy Program aims to support schools in promoting the wellbeing of students by providing funds that contribute to the maintenance or establishment of chaplaincy services in the school.
Posted : 2 Feb 2015