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State Government Funding
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State Government Funding

Registered non-government schools qualify for various forms of State Government financial assistance.  The major area of assistance is provided through the payment of per capita grants.  The State Government also provides additional assistance for students with identified special learning needs especially those with severe or multiple disabilities who are eligible for a special per capita grant. In addition, the State Government supports capital development projects at non-government schools through the Low Interest Loans Scheme (LILS).

Recurrent Funding

Schools are allocated to one of nine funding categories (A to I) for the purpose of the provision of per capita funding.

While schools are usually allocated to Categories A to G; two Categories, H and I, recognise the fact that a number of independent schools serve communities with special needs due to the needs of their students or their location.  Category H is the funding level for those schools which educate students alienated from mainstream schooling and Category I funds students at independent schools in remote Indigenous communities.

The basis of the funding is the Western Australian Average Government School Recurrent Cost index and annual increases in this index are used to adjust per capita grants to independent schools.

The value of these grants for 2010 can be obtained by accessing the website of the Department of Education Services: 

Special Education Funding

Special education per capita funding is allocated to independent schools at a rate linked to the degree of disability assessed for each qualifying student.  Students with severe and/or multiple disabilities quality for a Special State Funding Grant.

Low Interest Loans Scheme (LILS)

This scheme provides funds to assist independent schools to undertake capital projects which will enable them to provide facilities at a similar level and standard for those provided in a government school of an equivalent size and type.  The loans are for a term of 15 years and the interest rate applicable to an individual loan is dependent on the assessment made of the project.

Further details are available from the Department of Education Services website:  http://www.des.wa.gov.au/pages/non_gov_funding_low_interest.php .

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Posted : 2 Feb 2015